4th Annual Take a Special Swing Golf 2017

TWINKLE – A Dance Program for Visually Impaired

MOC is proud to partner with Blind Relief Association in New Delhi India to sponsor a dance training program called TWINKLE for the visually impaired students of JPM School in Delhi India.

MOC’s relationship with the Blind Relief Association, Delhi is over 6-year-old. It began when its founder Neal Bharadwaj and his brother Navin Bharadwaj visited the J.P.M. Sr. Sec. School in the Association and gave a clarinet recital for the School students. This first interaction led to the second visit when the two brothers jointly with the JPM students presented a music programme at the School at the 200th celebration of Lewis Braille’s Birthday. Upon returning to California MOC generated funds to support upgrading of the Music Room of JPM School. In 2014, MOC provided a donation to acquire Braille Printer and related hardware and software for upgrading Braille production facilities at the BRA.

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Mr KC Pandey, Secretary of Blind Relief Association receiving TWINKLE Sponsorship Check from Mrs Sarita Gupta, MOC Board Member, who visited the association from California USA.

Shoot for Success-A National Video Art Contest

MOC and CIP is awarding three $1,000 scholarships to attend our 2016 Summer Programs (Summer@CIP and Mploy) for young adults with Autism and Learning Differences. The scholarships are provided by both College Internship Program (CIP) and Matters of Community (MOC), a nonprofit organization dedicated to the integration of special needs children into the mainstream community through the use of music, art, theater and sports. For more details click on this link.

Charity Dinner Dance

Matters of Community (MOC) is holding its 11th annual Charity Dinner Dance fundraiser on Saturday April 16th 2016 at the newly constructed Royal Palace Banquet & Event Center in Fremont, California. This event will raise funds for numerous special needs projects being undertaken in collaboration with several organizations nationally and internationally.

MOC Fundraiser_flyer

MOC Fundraiser_flyer

The fundraiser will be attended by many generous donors, and community and business leaders. Several state and city elected leaders such as California State Senator Bob Wieckowski, California State Assembly members Bill Quirk and Kansen Chu, and Fremont City Planning Commissioner Dr Raj Salwan are also expected to attend.

The evening entertainment will showcase an original composition of Indian Rhythms by Dr Rohan Krishnamurthy, a music professor at the Ohlone Community College, a Jazz band performance Jazzinators from the Jazz society and Jeena Creations a Rock Band conducted by Navin Bharadwaj. The evening will also feature India Classical Dance by Deepa Menon, the founder director of Netra Art and Dance Center in Foster City and a high energy Bollywood Punjabi dance performance called Jalwa by Madhu Lakha, Newark Memorial junior among others.

The event raise funds for several local charities and will recognize the contribution of several community leaders such as John Soulis, President East Bay Traditional Jazz Society, Jeena Founder Rajni Madan, CIP World Wide Communication Director Sara Williams, and the Vice President of Friends of Children of Special Needs (FCSN) Anna Wang.

This year, MOC is launching two new programs, one called Twinkle at Delhi Blind Relief in India to teach dance to visually impaired children and second is a year-long collaboration with First Tee Tri-Valley Golf, called Take a Special Swing to help special needs kids play golf.

Here are the details of the program for the evening.

MOC Fundraiser_Brochure

MOC Fundraiser_Brochure

3rd Annual Take a Special Swing Golf 2016

Take a Special Swing 2015

Friendship Dinner and Dance, A Recap

I welcome you with great pleasure to our annual fundraiser, the Friendship Dinner and Dance, which benefits Matters of Community. I see some new faces in the crowd, so I would like to take a moment to help you learn about Matters of Community. MOC was established in 2004, when I was a sophomore in high school, with the goal of helping mainstream special needs children through music, arts, theater, and sports. We have worked with many organizations over the years both in the states and abroad to help reach our goals.

In this past year, we have continued to expand our work with several organizations while also creating new programs and opportunities that I am excited to share tonight.

Some of you may recall our ongoing efforts with the Delhi Blind Relief Association to support their music program. Last year we embarked on a journey to further our collaboration by helping to modernize their library with the latest software, technology, and electronic embossers to enable audio books for the blind, a first in India. As an organization, we are really appreciative of the help we received from the California School for the Blind in Fremont. I would like to personally thank Mr Jerry Kuns who is here with us today. Our project would not have been possible without the personal support of Mr. Jerry Kuns, the IT professional and head of the computer systems lab at the California School for the Blind in Fremont. Mr Jerry Kuns spoke about the proposed solution and how it will benefit children in India. Mr. Rajeev Rai spoke about QA Source’s involvement in the project. Deputy Consul General of India, Mr Jha spoke about the importance of working together to help children with special needs.


I briefly talked about an alliance we were planning with the College Internship Program during our fundraiser last year. CIP is a global organization that prepares young adults with learning differences for independent living. I was impressed with the way CIP challenges these teenagers and young adults to use their natural talents for art, videography, music and sports to compete for excellence. I am proud to announce that Matters of Community now sponsors a scholarship award for such art competitions across the nation. The program is conducted independently by CIP, and MOC will be offering the scholarship to the awarded student. Sarah Williams of CIP described the program and highlight how MOC’s participation with the scholarship enhances these programs. A representative for US Congressman Eric Swallwell, Gabriel Orteaga presented the scholarship check on MOC’s behalf and presented Neal with a certificate of Congressional Recognition.

Earlier in the evening, Navin described the wonderful after school program East Bay Jazz Society organizes for the kids in FUSD. MOC always supports this outstanding program. Fremont Council Member Dr Raj Salwan spoke about the importance of this effort and its impact on Fremont and presented a commendation to Jazzinators and Neal Bharadwaj from the City of Fremont. Matters of Community presented a check to the East Bay Jazz Society to continue the outstanding work they do.

Another organization that I am proud to be associated with is Jeena. Jeena has been instrumental in setting out vision since MOC’s beginning. Jeena is a non-profit resource center in Milpitas for special needs kids and their parents. My family and I have always enjoyed supporting Jeena’s kids in every way possible. It is my honor to introduce to you someone who I have always looked up to, my mentor and Jeena’s founder, Rajni Madan. Rajni talked about Jeena’s experience with Neal and Navin, and how she has seen MOC grow. San Jose City Council Member Kansen Chu talked about the import work both organizations are doing and presented Jeena a commendation from the City of San Jose and a check on behalf of Matters of Community.

You will be pleased to know that MOC undertook two key collaborations. First, MOC worked closely with the Local First Tee Organization and the kids of Jeena to launch “Take a Special Swing” program. This summer-long golf program for special needs kids was a tremendous success with several Jeena Kids and their siblings participating in an amazing outdoor golf activity. MOC is especially thankful to the First Tee organization that provided all the resource including one-on-one coaches to work with each kid. The camp culminated in the kids actually playing their first ever regulation style hole at the Pleasanton Golf Center. Dan McKegney of the First Tee Tri-Valley organization talked about the summer program and how excited they are to continue this relationship. California Senate Majority Leader Ellen Corbett spoke about both organizations and presented a Certificate of Recognition on behalf of the California State Senate to Dan McKegney and Neal for their work with kids. On behalf of Matters of Community, she presented a check to the First Tee Trivalley Organization. Some of our golfers were on hand and we presented them with a trophy and a little goody bag for their hard work!

I then recognized the Board of Directors to the stage: Sonia Rai, Raj Goyal, Kulbir Handa, Malini Gawrish, Ashok Kumar, Sue Kumar, Seema Sharma who could not be here as she is on her honey moon, and our new understudy Pooja Goyal.

I wanted to personally recognize a volunteer in our organization for his outstanding work this year. Since January he has been helping me by volunteering his time with Special Swing and with planning for the Friendship Dinner Dance. I awarded Karan Rai as the Volunteer of the Year.

Pictures from the 2013 Friendship Dinner Dance

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Summer Success!

This summer we held golf classes for special needs kids by working with our friends at First Tee Tri-Valley and Jeena! We held personalized golf lessons for each kid, working hands on with them to teach them the skills useful on and off the golf course!




Friendship Dinner and Dance!

This year’s Friendship Dinner and Dance will be on December 19th, 2014 at the newbly built Fremont facility Royal Palace Banquet Hall and Event Center. Please visit our facebook page for more details!