Matters of Community is proud to sponsor the following organizations that support MOC’s mission. You may want to visit their websites and learn more about their activities.

Jeena: A non-profit organization based in Milpitas, California that is an excellent support center for children with disabilities and resource center for their parents.

Niles Challenger Little League: Little League has initiatives to make life better for everyone. With a Manager/Coach Education Program, Safety Program (ASAP), Emergency Management Training Program, it also hosts a Challenger Division for mentally and physically disabled youth in the Fremont and surrounding areas.

Jazzinators: With a mission to “bridge the jazz gap” Jazzinators is an award winning and well recognized group of musically talented students from the middle and high schools of the Fremont Unified School Districts and some from other bay area school districts, perform the traditional Dixie land jazz music all around the bay area. You can hear them regularly at Fremont’s famous Bronco Billy’s Pizza on 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of every month. Jazzinators have been invited to perform for events from Monterey Bay to Sacramento.

Delhi Blind Relief Association: This non-profit organization was established in 1944 by Mrs. Anusuya & Mr. U.A. Basrurkar, eminent freedom fighters and social workers. The foundation stone of the building at New Delhi laid by Dr. Helen Keller, renowned philosopher, educationist and social reformer of U.S.A in 1955. The center serves visually impaired (including children of multiple disabilities) in education and vocation with emphasis on the use of music and sports.

College Internship Program: The College Internship Program is a comprehensive post-secondary support program for young adults on the Autism Spectrum and with Learning Differences. Matters of Community sponsors their annual summer art scholarship which attracts special needs talent from across the nation. The scholarship helps subsidize the cost of attending the summer camp.

Friends of Children of Special Needs: FCSN is a model special needs resource center that started in Fremont California. Today they have expanded to several bay are cities including Cupertino and Sunnyvale. FCSN’s mission is to help individuals with special needs and their families to find love, hope, respect, and support through integrated community involvement. Matters of Community has been supporting FCSN since 2013 sponsoring programs and providing operational grants for their mainstreaming activities.

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