Blind Relief Center, New Delhi

MOC has undertaken several projects including providing dance lessons to children, some with special needs and staging their perform at public events. This year, MOC worked with the Blind Relief Center in New Delhi (India) and organized a music performance collaborated by students from that school and one student from Irvington High School, Fremont, California. The event was organized by the Blind Relief Center honoring Lewis Brail on his birthday celebration on Jan 4, 2008. While at the center, MOC initiated discussion on how best it could support the Relief center. MOC intends to follow up with the center to help build and expand its music department and perhaps in the future organize more opportunity for children to participate together in similar celebrations.
MOC has made a commitment to the Blind Relief Center to help build their music department and for that project MOC needs funds. MOC intends to bring out a scholarship for kids in that center as well.
MOC participated in an international event held on January 7, 2008 organized by global organization of people of India origin (GOPIO) in collaboration with Government of India where a session was held on “Mass Education in India”.
MOC made a presentation highlighting its work and the importance of focusing on the need to mainstream disabled children through the use of music, art, theater and sports. The presentation was well received and received wide press coverage.

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