Involving NRI/PIO Youth

Conference organized by Government of India and may philinthropic organizations from across the world. in New Delhi to invite People of Indian Origin from all over the world to discuss among other topics, Mass Education In India. At this conference, Neal Bharadwaj, founder of MOC worked with another non-profit US organization called Global Organization of People of Indian Origin and made a presentation at the conference. It illustrated the need to provide unrestricted access to all opportunities with individualized delivery in order to ensure successful mainstreaming of special needs children. Stressing further that such children must be guaranteed equal rights in the Indian Education system by the constitution.

To illustrate its point, MOC shared its work with such children it has undertaken to mainstream special needs children through the elements of music, art, theater and sports. Among its many recommendation, the following was adopted by the forum:

* A focused discussion on special education in context of the education for masses of India would be useful.
* GOPIO-Youth could participate with philanthropic organizations like MOC to undertake more special education projects in India.
* GOPIO could help create resource pools, teacher training camps and volunteering and discussion opportunities among interested parties

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