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“Matters of Community” (MOC) is a California registered nonprofit organization that was started in early 2004 by Neal Bharadwaj while he was a junior at Washington High School, Fremont, California. Neal was inspired by the volunteering experience he obtained at another nonprofit organizations sch as Jeena, that also support the needs of disabled children.

MOC envisions enhanced self-esteem and improved integration of special needs children around the world into mainstream community through the use of music, art, theater and sports. MOC takes on projects directly supporting individuals and organizations as well as sponsors projects and funds activities of other nonprofit organizations globally that support its mission.

Proposed Projects and Uses of Funds
As more funds become available, MOC intends to work with other organization as well as create a string of going support projects around the world to bring awareness to the mainstreaming needs of the special needs children through the use of music, arts, theater and dance. Some of the imminent projects MOC intends to support this year include:

* Sponsor music and dance classes at Jeena and sponsor a public performance opportunity for the kids this year.
* Fund the building of the music department at the Blind Relief Center in New Delhi (India).
* Donate to the NCLL Challenger Little League with baseball sporting equipment and batting gloves for the players.
* Collaborate with other charitable organization such as City Arts of San Mateo, Stepping Stones Growth Center, Oakland and Easter Seals.
* Recognize the effort of individuals that dedicate their resources and passion to help MOC in its mission.

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